christopher ottinger
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Ghost House
"Ghost House" is/was a temporary video installation on view at the ACRE Residency during the evening hours of July 17th and 18th, 2014. This work consists of a vibrating, black & white image of one of the cupolas on the ACRE property, projected back onto the cupola itself. The tremors in the video, tightly mapped onto the cupola, create the effect of a ghostly, vibrating structure, like a miniature haunted house.

Due to the lighting conditions at this location (near total darkness, to be precise) this piece was extremely difficult to document with video. The images/video included here are meant to estimate the overall effect of the piece. The first image here is a still of the finished work. The second is an image of the cupola during the day made while acquiring the source video for the piece. And lastly, a clip of the video projected onto the cupola.