christopher ottinger
NTSC Ghost (detail)NTSC GhostNTSC Ghost (Detail)NTSC GhostNTSC Ghost NTSC Ghost
NTSC Ghost
NTSC GHOST makes explicit reference to the technological history of moving images—Robertson's phantasmagoria, zoetropes and Brion Gysin's "Dream Machine" in particular—while simultaneously speculating about the future of "seeing" machines and their functionality. The work itself consists of a large 3-sided plinth, which supports 3 digital pico projectors. The projectors converge on a screen that rotates at approximately 45 mph, projecting an image of a standard NTSC color bar chart that oscillates in 3 dimensions. The resultant interaction between the projectors' shutters, the video loop, and the rotating screen creates a ghostly, volumetric form resembling a kind of 3-D color field hologram.